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LBC TV Marcel Ghanem Kalam Al Nass Australia 04.03.2010
The 7:30 Report Artwork Good Enough To Eat Australia 27.12.2007
Russian TV Interview Russia ??.??.????
The Future TV Sunday Morning Interview ??? ??.??.????
Food Network Sugar Rush USA 04.11.2006
WB11 News Interview New York City USA 22.05.2006
CNBC Dubai Interview UAE 07.10.2005
ZDF Interview Germany 10.2005
A & B TV Morning Show Beirut Lebanon 09.08.2005
New TV Morning Show Beirut Lebanon 08.08.2005
Lebanon TV Morning Show Beirut Lebanon 05.08.2005
Further TV Morning News Beirut Lebanon 23.07.2005
LBC Morning News Beirut Lebanon 20.07.2005
Télé Lumière TV Morning Show Beirut Lebanon 19.07.2005
LBC Tea Time Beirut Lebanon 15.07.2005
Channel 9 TV Perth Australia 12.02.2005
KTV2 Kuwait City Kuwait 11.02.2005
Télé Lumière TV Beirut Lebanon 02.2005
BLOOMBERG News Channel Sunday Morning, NYC USA 20.11.2004
CBS – 2 NEWS NYC USA 15.11.2004
ABC News Morning News, NYC USA 13.11.2004
UPN News Evening News, NYC USA 12.11.2004
NY1 NEWS NYC USA 10.11.2004
NBC NEWS Morning News, NYC USA 10.11.2004
KBS TV Korean Broadcasting System Korea 11.2004
German TV Sisters and Company Germany 25.10.2004
TF1 Afternoon News, Paris France 23.10.2004
M6 TV Morning Show, Paris France 22.10.2004
LBC Broadcast on Worldwide Cable Channel, Beirut Lebanon 10.2004
Channel 10 All Day News, Australia Australia 10.2004
CNBC TV Dubai UAE 03.02.2004
Perth TV Western Studio Production Australia TBA


Sawtelghad Radio Australia 10.4.2013
WMTR-AM New Jersey Radio spot on Sid’s work. Click here for an MP3 download. USA 15.11.2005
WMTR AM Coverage of Sid, NYC USA 15.11.2005
WBGO FM 88.3 Interview, NYC USA 15.11.2005
Radio Monte Carlo Interview France 24.10.2005
Delta Beirut Lebanon 20.07.2005
SAWT Lebanon Beirut Lebanon 19.07.2005
Radio Strike Beirut Lebanon 00.07.2005
NPR Radio Spot – Coming Soon USA 05.05.2005
FM4 Interview about Sid, Vienna Austria 22.04.2005
97.3 FM Brisbane Australia 21.04.2005
BBC World Service London UK 20.04.2005
REM-FM 104.8 Radio Europe Mediterraneo Spain 20.04.2005
Radio Monte Carlo Paris France 12.04.2005
WOR 710 am Interview, NYC USA 11.2004
RMC Radio Monte Carlo Interview France to the Middle East 26.10.2004
Sawt El Gahd Interview, Beirut Lebanon 10.2004
Today FM Sydney Australia 10.2004
NPR National Public Radio USA 11.2003
SBS Arabic Sydney Australia 2003
SBS Arabic Sydney Australia 2002
Sawt El Gahd Interview, Sydney Australia TBA


Instead of paint, L.I.C. artist uses chocolate (Source)
See History of Lebanon Sydney Australia 5.10.2011
Good Living and Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Australia 22.06.2010
Zahra Magazine Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 23.10.2010
Kismet Australia Australia Fall, 2009
ALO Hayati USA United States 07,2008
NEXE Barcelona Spain 10,2006
7-mia Spain Spain 01/01/2007
Time Out Beirut Beirut Lebanon 05.2006
Appleseeds New York City USA 05.2006
Time Out New York New York City USA 29.03.2006
Z & G #106 Athens Greece Nov/Dec 2005
The Artists Magazine Ohio USA 01-30.09.2005
Sayidaty Magazine Riyadh Saudi Arabia 10-17.09.2005
TV Grandes Chaines Paris France 26.03- 08.04.2005
Good Taste Sydney Australia 04.2005
AL-YAQZA Kuwait City Kuwait 03.2005
France Magazine London UK 12.2004
Paris Capitale Paris France 12.2004
MOM And I Korean Publishing Group inc. NYC 12.2004
Hot Chocolate Brussels Belgium 03/2004


Canterbury Bankstown Express Sydney Australia 9.4.2013
Al Nahar Sydney Australia 11.4.2013
El Telegraph Sydney Australia 10.4.2013
Al Ittihad Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 27.2.2011
Gulf News Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 25.09.2010
El Pais Barcelona Spain 21.10.2006
El Punt Barcelona Spain 20.10.2006
Dagens Nyheter Stockholm Sweden 14.10.2006
Avui Barcelona Spain 10.2006
Australian Times London United Kingdom 01.04.2006
Torch Sydney Australia 08.03.2006
Nord Eclair Lille France 03.01.2006
Albalad Beirut Lebanon 15.12.2005
An-Nahar Interview, Beirut Lebanon 06.11.2005
Standard Lite Interview UK 25.10.2005
Asharq Alawsat Riyadh Saudi Arabia 28.07.2005
An-Nahar Interview, Beirut Lebanon 23.07.2005
Al-Abad Interview, Beirut Lebanon 21.07.2005
Retail Express Paris France 10-23.05.2005
Asharq Al-Awsat Riyad Saudi Arabia 12.05.2005
Asharq Alawsat Riyadh Saudi Arabia 25.04.2005
The Globe and Mail Toronto Canada 23.04.2005
The Daily Star Beirut Lebanon 20.04.2005
Society News Hong Kong China 19.04.2005
Sunday Times Johannesburg South Africa 19.04.2005
The Telegraph Calcutta India 19.04.2005
Al Qabas Independent Arabic Daily Newspaper Kuwait 11.02.2005
Arab Times Kuwait City Kuwait 09.02.2005
The Standard London UK 09.01.2005
Lille Ville Lille France 06.01.2005
Washington Post Washington DC USA 14.12.2004
Politiken Copenhagen Denmark 12.2004
Aramica NYC USA 16.11.2004
An-Nahar Interview, Beirut Lebanon 24.10.2004
Daily Paper Beirut Lebanon 24.10.2004
L.A. Daily News Article 2 L.A. Angeles USA 13.05.2004
Los Angeles Independent USA 13.05.2004
The Jewish Journal Los Angeles USA 13.05.2004
L.A. Daily News Article 1 L.A. Angeles USA 12.05.2004
No Ho LA Los Angeles USA 11.05.2004
LA City Beat LA Valley Beat Los Angeles USA 03.05.2004
The Manly Daily Sydney Australia 05.03.2004
The Wentworth Courier Sydney Australia 12.02.2004
The Torch On the Cover Sydney Australia 04.02.2004
Vue Weekly Edmonton’s Canada 17.01.2004
Sunday Telegraph Sydney Australia 28.12.2003
Morning Call Allentown USA 03.12.2003
New York Daily News NYC USA 30.11.2003
Chicago Tribune Chicago USA 19.11.2003


Momento24 New York City United States 28.09.2010
The Free Online Library Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 25.09.2010 New Jersey USA 08.08.2010
Momento 24 New York City United States 28.09.2010
The Free Online Library Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 25.09.2010 Newark United States 08.08.2010
Wiener Zeitung Vienna Austria 07.10.2006
the art forum USA 03.04.2006
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Asian Article Beijing China 10.10.2005
Insolite Skynet Blogs France 10.05.2005
Kultura Serbia 01.05.2005
Astaga Indonesia 01.05.2005
Vidi 01.05.2005
Can Tho Vietnam 26.04.2005
Insolite (via Sknynet Blogs) Belgium 25.04.2005
Metro Poland 24.04.2005
Metro Gazeta 22.04.2005
Middle East Times 21.04.2005
Naharnet Beirut Lebanon 21.04.2005
Holgyforum Hungary 19.04.2005 Denmark 19.04.2005
Vidi Kultura Portal Bosnia 19.04.2005
Deccan Herrald India 19.04.2005
Sunday Times S.A. South Africa 19.04.2005
Holgyforum 19.04.2005
Impact Lab Denver USA 19.04.2005 Africa 18.04.2005
Middle East Times Cyprus 18.04.2005
ABC News Online Sydney Australia 18.04.2005
Ananova Leeds United Kingdom 04.2005
ArtInfo New York USA 18.04.2005
YEHEY! Pasig Philippines 04.2005
Journalism at NYU NYC USA 15.12.2004
Bonjour Paris Paris France 10.2004
NY Newsday NYC USA 13.11.2003