Charity Works

Presently I am preparing an event to raise money for research into Alzheimer and Dementia. 100% of the money raised will be donated to find a cure for these diseases which affect 1 in 3 people in old age. Afflictions which leave the patient in fear, confused, and lost, and the family unable to communicate and assist them. We see our loved one in sorrow and pain but we become a stranger to them.

Offering Support Through My Artistic Talents

Sid Chidiac’s passion for helping other people is very big. Since the end of 2003, Sid has been working very hard in New York City and around the world, achieving a lot of media. In return for all the help Sid has been given, he always likes to do charity work.

Sid Donated His Free Time to the Michael J. Fox. Parkinson’s Foundation

April 22, 2008 – Michael J. Fox Foundation Casino Gala Event

Michael J. Fox. was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease in 1991. In the year 2000, he launched the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in an effort to raise much-needed research funding for awareness about Parkinson’s disease. The event was held at the Puck Building in New York City.

St. Charbel’s College – Punchbowl

Sid donated four of his prints, auctioned for $1,500 AUD to raise money for electronic (smart) boards.

God Love We Deliver

December 25, 2006 – Sid donated his chocolate image of “Mother and Child” to the organization for them to make it into a Christmas card. Sid also donated 100% of the proceeds from the opening of the American Chocolate Art Festival to this same charity.

Maronite Church Fundraiser

July 5, 2006 – Sid was invited to an exhibit in Chicago, and at the annual event dinner, he donated 8 of his prints to be auctioned off in order to raise money for them.

Sydney Daycare Accident

March 5, 2004 – Sid donated two of his chocolate paintings to the Manly Golf Club for their auction in order to help raise money for Molly Wood and Sophie Delezio, the two girls injured in the Roundhouse childcare center accident.

Sydney Children Hospital
Foundation – 20/01/04

Dylan Fighting Cancer in NYC

April 15, 2003 – Sid donated two of his oil paintings to be auctioned at the Australian consulate in New York City for Dylan, a young boy from Melbourne fighting cancer. All proceeds went to support him.

Human beings have the capability to make their heart bigger and warmer than the sun. Sid Chidiac