The Water Fountain

Lebanon is a place of water, which everywhere flows in fountains, springs and falls. This painting shows the necessity of the fountains in providing clear chilled water to the villagers.

In this picture you can see the woman carrying an unglazed ceramic pot on her shoulder. Because the pots were not glazed the water would seap through, hence the need to place a towel to prevent her from getting wet.

On the left hand side you see an old man wearing the Lebanese traditional attire. On his head he is wearing the male Arab headwear called the ‘kafiye’. The kafiye came in the period of the 1900’s and replaced the lebedeh.

Men used the donkey to help carry 2 or 4 pots of water. It was an easy and quick trip back home.

Water fountains still exist today in Lebanon and people use them to drink water as they are passing by. The water in the fountain is extremely cold as it comes from the mountains.