Hand-Woven Textiles

Lebanon’s traditional hand-woven textiles are distinguished by their simple, geometric patterns and symbols that are inspired by nature. This domestic craft has been passed down from generation to generation, and perfected over months and years of cold winters living in the mountain villages of Lebanon.

The painting depicts a man in traditional Lebanese attire weaving a Duvet. Cotton was hit with a stick to make it fluffy and give it volume and was then pushed inside to fill the fabric. One hand was placed under the fabric and the other on top to guide the needle. The outside was stitched first and continued towards the center to create some pattern. At the rear of the room is a handmade mattress and a scale for weighing the cotton. The cost of the Duvet was determined by the weight of the cotton, not the size itself. Notice how the fabric is kept off the floor by a rug to keep it clean and new, ready for selling.